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Be the "I" in KIND!

Be the “I” in KIND

By Sofie Kulig -- 6th grader MBTS

The “I” in kind is like a pledge to be kind to one another. When you stand in the spot of the “I” in the word, you will get your picture taken. The Upper Elementary students took their time and hard work to make this new bulletin board. We were so excited to make this new board when we found out about doing the design. We decorated it and filled in each letter with things that are important when you pledge to be kind.

The “K” stands for “knowing” what is happening. We filled it with newspapers and magazines that report on things that are important concerns for our world.

Then there is a blank space for a person to stand in the “I” spot.

The “N” stands for “nurture,” taking care of animals.

The “D” stands for “donating” so people can see where to volunteer or give money.

Stop by our Education Wing to see our Elementary hallway display.

Will you be an “I” in KIND too?

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