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We are delighted you’ve visited our website and are interested in learning more about our unique school.

Montessori by the Sea is a wonderful place for children to learn, especially because of the magnificent coastal surroundings and the incredible learning opportunities we have being right next to the water.  Families come to us from many parts of the world to enjoy the beach lifestyle and Montessori approach to education. When students graduate from our Upper Elementary program, they are passionately curious, show dedication to their own learning, and at the same time are compassionate about their communities and the people who live in them. With Maria Montessori’s charge to “follow the child,” our faculty and staff guide each child’s educational journey, teaching and nurturing them along the way. Children discover what they love, what they know and want to know, and do it as members of a collaborative, respectful, and inclusive community of learners.

MbtS children learn indoors and out, in groups and individually. They explore and actively engage in our seaside campus, using the beach as an opportunity to discover marine science and aquatic wildlife.  In addition, the hands-on learning materials found in our classrooms are specifically designed for their developmental age group allowing a child's curiosity to be sparked, never squashed. As a result, our students show great desire to learn new things and follow the daily routine. 


We hope you’ll watch our Admissions video to learn more about our wonderful school and consider why our Montessori school is a unique educational opportunity for your child. We think you will agree that it’s one of the most effective educational philosophies for promoting academic excellence, creativity, problem-solving skills, and an endless capacity for compassion and care. If so, we encourage you to apply and get a school tour once we have a possible opening!



Karen RIccardi,

Head of School,


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